Why is the media agency important?

Media Agencies Help Clients Implement and Manage Marketing Strategies to Achieve Their Business Goals. These agencies market their clients' products and services and carry out paid media campaigns, which aim to increase brand awareness and market share in order to generate more revenue. Media is much more complex and fragmented now, and that gives us endless opportunities to connect and interact with our customers. The role of our agency is to understand and guide us through those choices in a creative, effective and, most importantly, true to the John Lewis brand.

One of the main benefits of hiring an advertising agency is that it gives access to a new set of connections. Advertising agencies have pre-existing relationships with several vendors that they would have cultivated over time, these connections help you get the most out of your investments. The advertising agency provides professional services to the business community. You can measure the attractiveness of your customers' advertising.

It can also provide market research services at virtually any stage of the sale. So the largest companies hire the services of accredited advertising agencies. Even for experienced companies, developing a brand can be a complex task. You may even be too close to the center of it to understand what your customers and prospects are seeing.

Advertising agencies can assist in this process by developing logos and advertising that build brand awareness. They can also provide you with research that will allow you to target the most effective market. Agencies can also help design your ads for individual media so you can get the most effective advertising in each market. Pippa Glucklich, Co-CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group, believes that the role of a media agency has become more important in the eyes of customers, as they increasingly use technology to operate in real time, rather than looking at survey-based planning and econometrics, as has historically happened.

One of the main benefits of hiring or working with an advertising agency is that the company has access to meet a new set of contacts that are already working with that advertising agency. However, until recently it was unusual for a media agency to lead the content load, but Havas Media won the content marketing category at the Marketing Week Engage Awards last month (June). Tracy De Groose, CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network UK, which hosts media agency Carat, says that while media used to be a subset of advertising, advertising is now a subset of media. A media agency, at its best, should push that agenda forward by providing you with new ideas all the time and being proactive in that space.

Although agencies don't like to admit it, brands are aware of the rivalry between media planners and advertising agencies. Last month, Publicis-owned media agency ZenithOptimedia made the decision to realign its business and advise clients to take a “property first” approach to communications planning. They are well familiar with the current marketing trends that provide companies with better social media campaigns and print campaigns. To some extent, the lines between them are blurring, so it's important for creative agencies and media agencies to collaborate.

The advertising agency's big source of revenue is the media commission, which cannot be available to the advertiser if he contacts the media directly for publication space or airtime. Digital marketing is a broad concept that includes website marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing, online promotions, brand awareness, etc. It's up to media agencies to be at the forefront of innovation, says East Coast marketing director Natalie Cowen. With targeted social media ads, you get effective advertising in all markets; this is an excellent return on investment.


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