Which companies use social media?

This, and its many other social campaigns, demonstrate that Boohoo is a brand that knows how to stay relevant on social media, regardless of the state of the retail industry as a whole. Even if you don't really like art, it's worth following The Royal Academy on Twitter, which certainly says something about its social media strategy. Koszary's ability to juxtapose historical and often high-end themes with modern, relatable humor has helped elevate The Royal Academy's social media. By continually promoting what's hot on its own platform, Depop inspires' FOMO 'in its users, making sure they're always desperate to return to Depop.

Chipotle was one of the first brands to take risks with TikTok, but it's an investment that has paid off for the restaurant chain. Gymshark sponsors many renowned fitness influencers (also known as brand ambassadors or Gymshark “athletes”) to capitalize on their combined audiences. Nikki Blackketter, for example, an influencer with 1.8 million followers on Instagram, is a popular ambassador who has launched several of her own collections with the brand. More recently, KFC has also won praise for its “Ain't No Small Fry” social media campaign, which involved paying for Twitter ads promoting criticism of its old chips (aiming to draw attention to its new and improved chip recipe).

The results show that the initial Twitter campaign had three million impressions. Meanwhile, awareness of the new fries reached 62%, which was well above the brand's original target of 50%. His work with Land O' Lakes for National Agriculture Day also garnered 95.6 million impressions and 2.3 million shares across all social platforms. These platforms include Snapchat, where National Geographic can reach and educate a young audience.

Nike released an ad celebrating the United States women's team just seconds after the winning final match. It reportedly generated nearly five million views on YouTube and more than 22.5 million views and 97,000 retweets on Twitter. The most recognized social CRM experts in all of B2C marketing? Yes, probably. KLM understands that customers want to be served on the channel they are using, not directed to another location.

Innovations include integrating Messenger and being the first airline to launch real-time flight information on Twitter and WeChat. The Red Bull YouTube channel has more than 9 million subscribers and 3.9 million more on its smaller channels. This demonstrates how the brand's video-based content strategy successfully attracts all types of adventure sports fans. Videos include short documentaries, longer-form video content and live streaming events on motorsports, music, games, surfing and snowsports.

The appreciation for Starbucks fall drinks has also led to the creation of the “Leaf Raker's Society,” a Facebook community group that now has more than 38,700 members, which helps foster brand engagement and loyalty. According to Marketing Week, 14% of consumers only follow the UEFA Champions League through digital channels (a figure that represents 18 million consumers). Consequently, social media is an important part of the marketing mix for Heineken; League sponsors. Campaigns such as' Fantastic 'and 'The World's Most Shared Moments' help generate enthusiasm among football fans, as well as create a strong connection in consumer minds between UEFA and the beer brand.

Heineken continues this relationship between beer and sport with sponsorship (and content related to) F1 and the Rugby World Cup. Blendtec, known as the world's most advanced blender, was created by longtime inventor and businessman, Tom Dickson. The video campaign “Will it mix? and it quickly went viral. Everything from hockey pucks to rake handles was put into a blender and mashed.

The “Will It Mingle?” earned millions of views on YouTube, where the brand currently has 878,000 fans. Shaving is boring, right? Well, Dollar Shave Club's legendary launch video lets viewers know they're not just another razor dealer. They have continued to use YouTube to share humorous content such as “Is it bad to tear the hairs out of your nose with your fingers? and “Do I really need to wash my hands after urinating? Roshambo Baby's Facebook page has continued to be a big driver for sales and product awareness, and the company now has more than 40,000 followers. Facebook is perfect for us and we have spent most of our advertising budget there.

In addition, GoPro encourages participation by organizing contests, the GoPro Awards, in which GoPro users can submit their photos or videos taken with GoPro cameras online. Nike is another brand that makes excellent use of social media. With over 93.3 million followers on Instagram, 7.95 million followers on Twitter, 33.3 million followers on Facebook and a ton of engagement, this brand is without a doubt one of the best brands on social media today. Focusing on its athletes and sports teams rather than the product itself, Nike has drawn the attention of its audience to the people who make the brand.

This is evident in their use of their social media platforms. Nike uses Facebook sparingly, specifically for its big campaigns. This is possibly due to Facebook's algorithm that prioritizes posts from family and friends in users' feeds. As with GoPro, Nike uses its Twitter account to answer questions or resolve concerns.

Aside from that, they also opened a separate Twitter handle for their customer service. By creating clever ads and showing them in multiple strategic public locations, they have maximized ad visibility. In addition, artists who took selfies with the ads and Spotify users who also did the same, increased their online visibility and engagement. It used both online and offline marketing and created a cycle that made the campaign last longer.

Wayfair, a home decor company, realized the power of social media and used it well to showcase and sell its products online. Wayfair is not only focused on aesthetics, but also on making the shopping experience easy and comfortable for its customers. Another of the best brands on social media is Pop-Tarts. Instead of sounding like a brand, Pop-Tarts's approach is more geared towards the younger audience: witty, sarcastic and fun.

They post a lot of tweets that a lot of people who know Twitter love. Your funny voice, when you post or respond to your customers, makes it easy for people to relate to them. National Geographic has used its social media platforms well with beautiful photographs and informative content. His Instagram account has a huge 122 million subscribers and a huge audience share.

If anyone knows how to get followers to interact, it's Starbucks. The Starbucks Facebook account is designed to provide information. They upload a lot of eye-catching photos of their drinks and lots of fun and colorful videos. Your Facebook also contains tabs for your store locations, as well as job opportunities.

Starbucks Instagram account is full of aesthetically pleasing images and videos of their drinks, and people enjoying their drinks. Like their other social media accounts, they also strive to respond to as many followers as possible, which is probably one of the reasons they are so successful in engaging with their audience. Starbucks has more than 35 million followers on Facebook, 11.3 million followers on Twitter and 18.2 million followers on Instagram. They also have separate accounts for their stores located in other countries.

Dove is known for its ads targeting women's empowerment and feel-good campaign, which show people that there are many types of beauty. Its marketing strategy aims to improve self-esteem, and its campaign, which encourages women to share genuine images of themselves, has not only helped break beauty stereotypes, but also foster brand loyalty. People prefer brands they can identify with, so provide your audience with content that is important and gives them value. Think of Nat Geo's beautiful images and informative content, or Wayfair's tips on how to organize your furniture.

Your campaign can simply revolve around a cause, like what Dove did. What does your brand mean? You can start your marketing strategy with that. From social selling to social commerce, social channels are the main source of traffic and sales for large companies. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, you can learn a lot from these top brands on social media.

Both large and small businesses can take advantage of Slack's easy-to-use platform. Helps teams effectively communicate and collaborate online. On social media, Slack focuses on various demographics to attract different facets of its target audience. By being inclusive, the company effectively reaches and engages a broader consumer base.

Slack shares productivity tips, news articles, how to create a better work-life balance, and other useful content relevant to everyone on the team, from the entry-level employee to the CEO. Slack also shares inspiring quotes and customer stories to keep users at the center of their brand story. With almost 150 million followers on Instagram and 35 million followers on Facebook, Nike is taking the social media game by storm. Never shying away from support for worthy social causes, Nike knows how to attract the crowd and inspire millions of people by highlighting different athletes and cultures from around the world.

Keeping players, athletes, teams and their audience front and center, Nike turns the consumer into the hero of the stories they tell. On Instagram, especially, is where Nike shines: it shares inspiring images and videos of people who work hard to achieve their goals and dreams. Nike uses Facebook mainly for larger campaigns. On Twitter, they focus on communicating with their audience and addressing the most pressing concerns.

Whether Nike is using their platform to encourage people to social distance during the pandemic, support the BLM movement, or empower girls to pursue their dreams despite their circumstances, they are not afraid to speak up and stand up for what they believe. Their campaigns resonate with people from all walks of life, inspiring them to have courage and achieve greatness. Starbucks fills its social media platforms with colorful photos of drinks and people around the world experiencing the joy and happiness that comes from drinking them. Its motto is “To inspire and nourish the human spirit: one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

With more than 35 million followers on Facebook, almost 18 million on Instagram and more than 10 million on Twitter, they are clearly achieving it. Starbucks frequently interacts with its customers on social media, answering questions or addressing concerns so that people know they see and care about them. The brand also knows how to use social media to influence users. E-commerce and Point of Sale Platform Facilitates Online Selling for Businesses of All Sizes.

Through social media, Shopify shares information and educational content through videos on YouTube and Facebook. Your social media posts are bright, colorful, fun and uplifting. They also publicly defend social and environmental issues to incorporate meaning into their business and connect with consumers on a deeper level. Square makes it easy for all types of businesses to accept credit card payments on mobile devices.

However, instead of blowing its own horn, Square does an excellent job of focusing first on its customers and showing its followers how much they care about them. By using social media, the company highlights customers' businesses and the real people who share their experiences with Square products. Your social media posts are minimalist, clean, clear and user-centric. Like many other leading social media brands, Square supports and talks about social movements online.

Asian-American and African-American users have recently been featured on Instagram. On Facebook, Square shares industry reports for specific industries, current trends, and educational articles for target consumers. With millions of followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, GoPro has made a name for itself as “the most versatile camera in the world”. The company tells compelling stories through social media to show consumers how they can share their unique views through video and photography.

For every social media platform, GoPro is strategic in the type of content it publishes. Each publication is addressed to the audience on its respective platform, resulting in maximum participation. Shutterstock's slogan, “It's not just about stock, it's about Shutterstock, summarizes the company's mission: to provide authentic, quality images that customers can use for creative solutions in their businesses. Shutterstock uses its social media platforms to inspire consumers to create something new quickly and affordably.

Through quality photos and videos, they show viewers what they can achieve with their subscription service. Popular home decor company uses social media to showcase and sell products to customers online. On Instagram, Wayfair shares tips, ideas and inspiration through photographs and infographics. They also organize gifts to boost engagement.

Wayfair videos show consumers different ways to decorate and update various parts of the house, with their own products, of course. With more than 160 million followers on Instagram, National Geographic is the world's leading brand account on Instagram (in addition to Instagram). The account shares stunning photos of people, places and animals from all over the world through the eyes of different photographers. National Geographic is the king of visual storytelling, helping people experience the world and diverse cultures in an authentic, unfiltered light.

This software company is also making leaps and bounds on social media with fun graphics, engaging video content and useful articles. Mailchimp is great for offering variety and diversity to your audience. On Instagram, the company shares tips, inspiration, reports, gifs, illustrations, videos and more. They even have short films and podcasts to further engage and educate entrepreneurs and companies.

With nearly 140,000 followers on Instagram, it's worth following his innovative techniques. IBM was founded more than 100 years ago. The company loves to share its rich history through brand stories on social media. By sharing snippets on Twitter, for example, IBM is sharing breakthrough discoveries and breakthroughs throughout history to inspire and inform loyal followers.

IBM also uses storytelling effectively to communicate how new technologies are positively impacting businesses, individuals and communities across the. Martell Home Builders is a custom home builder from the Canadian Atlantic. In the past, Martell relied heavily on real estate agents to keep his business moving forward. However, once they embraced social media, they were able to create a direct-to-consumer model where they no longer relied on an intermediary to do business.

Zappos is an online retailer that sells shoes, clothing and accessories. They are known for the enormous emphasis they place on creating real relationships with their fans and customers. Giantnerd is a company that sells equipment for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and snowboarding. This company represents one of the best examples of social media integration seen online today.

Their emphasis is on giving their customers as much value as possible while befriending them in the process. In addition, when potential customers are researching products on the site, Giantnerd provides multiple social methods to get feedback from other social buyers. An example is your WikiNerdia, as seen below. As with Wikipedia, viewers can consult all the different products, including descriptions and photos, and their customers can also edit the information, making the experience interactive.

Facebook is the largest social networking site, with more than two billion people using it every month. This means that approximately 36.9% of the world's population are Facebook users. More than 200 million businesses (mostly small businesses) use Facebook tools, and more than seven million advertisers actively promote their business on Facebook, which makes it a pretty safe bet if you want to have a social media presence. The good news is that small businesses can adapt some of the social media strategies used by big players to create their own impactful and shareable content.

Notice that in the images below they have created social buttons to reflect their brand, thus personalizing the social experience. The product's eccentricity, combined with targeted social media marketing through YouTubers and beauty influencers, made this campaign an instant hit. Considering the integral role that customer service plays in building brand loyalty, it's vital that small business owners use social media to their advantage to strengthen their own customer service operations. Learn how large companies are using social media to meet and, in many cases, exceed customer expectations.

Social media listening gives brands a way to “read the room”, spot trends and better understand what matters to people. On social media, the company takes firm positions on public issues, with quick responses showing that the flow between executives and social managers is short. You know that a brand is doing social media right when even people outside its target market interact with its content. Here are some lessons you can learn from some of the biggest brands dominating the social media landscape.

Driven by the Black Lives Matter movement, publications on diversity, culture and workplace issues have become more common on social media. Stay up to date and informed, study your competitors and get inspired by the best brands on social media. . .

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