When did social media start?

The first social networking site is born (199) On one of the first real social networking sites, SixDegrees, com, you can set up a profile page, create connection lists and send messages within networks. In a sense, social media began, with a series of dots and electronic scripts touched by hand on a telegraph machine. In fact, social networks were officially born in 1997, but the roots of social networks go even further, to the early 1990s and the birth of the blogosphere. Blogs planted in people's heads the idea that you could log on to the Internet and post whatever you wanted, and get feedback on it, without having to go through a third party.

It was truly revolutionary and opened the door to the social media revolution that was about to take place. Some may claim that companies cannot exactly adapt their social media content to different categories of customers. Knowing the history of social media marketing is important not only to understand how platforms have evolved, but also to understand how they provide something distinctive for customers and a particular, albeit often intrusive, form of advertising for businesses. After that, in 1977, the first period of new social networks began with the short span of “Six Degrees”, followed by Friendster in 2001.In recent years, several more specialized social networks have emerged and have gained prominence.

Because social media is constantly evolving, it is essential to keep up with the growth of platforms and to continue to look for ways to improve the use of accessible tools. The challenge for marketers will be to meet the changing demands of social media users while maintaining an authentic brand voice. You should focus on statistics that show that your social media marketing is having a beneficial influence on your company's reputation. Social networks are understood as the different forms of online communication that people use to create networks, communities and collectives to share information, ideas, messages and other content, such as videos.

Many people believe that social media is dangerous, and it would be better for everyone to change that. So keep up to date with the latest developments in these areas and use them in your social media campaigns. What follows is an examination of the origins of social media, its relatively rapid growth as a sociological and commercial force, and the change it has brought to the marketing world. So, while it's interesting to think that the history of social media is part of a much larger continuum, the true history of social media begins in the 1970s with the emergence of the Internet.

Essentially, the defining characteristics of a social media platform are (i) profiles for users, (ii) the ability of users to constantly upload content, and (iii) the ability of users to discuss content and connect with other users. Plus, it took some time for tech companies to figure out why people wanted to use social media in the first place.

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