How much do people charge for social media consulting?

Maybe you've been working in an unrelated field for five or 10 years, and now you're looking to earn some money as a social media strategist. It's hard to create a monthly advance to post on one or more social media sites. Charging per project, which works well if the project consists, for example, of creating a social media strategy, requires a little effort upfront; you'll want to know how much time and effort you'll spend on the project and how much you need to earn to make it worthwhile. Having a blog or even writing on a channel like Medium can help you stand out from the crowd of social media consultants.

If you're a social media consultant, you need to act as a customer's voice, eyes, and ears across multiple social platforms to properly engage with and grow an audience. The problem is that social media is time-consuming and many companies and brands don't know how to manage their social media accounts or are too busy to take the time to do so. It would be better to decide the price of social media management based on packages that incorporate several responsibilities. This list usually includes task management software, CRM tool, SEO tool, email marketing software, design tool, social media automation software, etc.

If you want to charge by the hour for social media management services, it can be difficult to know how much to charge. When you hire a marketing agency to manage your social media accounts, it's very individualized depending on what you want them to do. As companies move away from traditional employees and budgets for social media marketing increase, there are plenty of opportunities for people to market their social media, design, copywriting, and strategy skills in a job or business. Both hourly and fixed monthly rates seem to be popular choices among social media managers, as both are fairly predictable pricing models.

These are things you don't have to worry about when you work with a social media management company or freelancer, so you can see how you can save money by working with a third party instead of managing your social campaigns in-house. Social media management pricing depends on what you need and whether you're being charged monthly or hourly. While it's an undoubtedly rewarding role, it can be tricky, so we've gathered information from five successful social media consultants.

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